Monday, March 30, 2015

Battle of Bentonville 150th - Bentonville Battlegrounds - NC

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Remembering Another Reenactment

Gray Whitley’s photos published in the March 25, 2015 edition of the Wilson Times ( ) as well as those available for viewing online of the reenactment of the Battle of Bentonville are wonderful. ( )

While this was the sesquicentennial reenactment of that battle, Wilson was well represented in the 1965 centennial reenactment.

Luther Sowers, who is featured in the April edition of Our State magazine for his work tailoring period costumes, was a teacher in the fine arts department at Fike High School at the time. Sowers put together a reenactment unit of Fike students and some others to be part of the 6th North Carolina. We “saw action” in the battles of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia; Orangeburg, South Carolina; and Averasboro and Bentonville, in North Carolina. I was in Sower’s regimental band that accompanied the unit and played Civil War era music in parades and during reenactments. Other students from Fike who participated included David Neeland, Rex Bissette, Groves Privette, Donnie and Ronnie Vick and Ray Winstead.

For participating in the Bentonville reenactment we were given a bronze commemorative medal on a yellow neck ribbon. I wore my medal to last weekend’s reenactment in hopes of seeing others. Of the estimated 3,000 reenactors I saw only one other person wearing his medal. He was from Fredericksburg, Virginia. We enjoyed our brief time reminiscing about the 100th reenactment of the Battle of Bentonville, pondering how 50 years passed so quickly, and whether there would be any interest in a bicentennial reenactment 50 years from now. We hope there will be.

Phil Mooring

Wilson NC